Top 10 Rules For the Book Scout — June 16, 2015

Top 10 Rules For the Book Scout

I have learned a lot from this blog! 🙂

Book No. 6 ( Dr. Halsey’s Journal) — June 13, 2015

Book No. 6 ( Dr. Halsey’s Journal)

If you’re a gamer or just a collector of limited edition books, you’ll probably love what I’ve recently found.

Dr. Halsey’s journal From HALO


Dr. Halsey’s plan

It’s Dr. Halsey’s Personal Journal. Well, to be honest I’m not really a HALO fan or even a gamer. I do play games sometimes such as Minecraft. Call of Duty and other simple games. That’s why I can’t share a lot of stuff regarding the content of this book because I didn’t even understand a bit of it. I just bought this because I like the cover, and guess what, It only cost me $ .68 or 30 Pesos while the price of this book in Amazon is $ 39.99.

To know more about the book, visit this site:’s_personal_journal.

By the way, June 15 is our first day of school at the University of Southeastern Philippines, that’s why I may update this blog every once a week or twice a month.

I hope you will still continue to follow me in my book hunting adventures.

Happy Hunting Everyone!

Book No. 5 (Redwall Series) — June 11, 2015

Book No. 5 (Redwall Series)

Hey everyone! I found a new branch of BOOKSALE, it is located at the 2nd floor in a mall here in Davao. And I was surprised with the vast amount of books available but it has some disadvantages, it took me an hour to scout all their books and I found 2 books that interest me. Most of their books are old, some are out-of-prints and they don’t have hardbound copies.

Mossflower by Brian Jacques
Salamandastron by Brian Jacques

I enjoyed reading these books because of it’s cute talking animal characters. And all the things that they have done during the whole story. It’s hard to find these kind of books because they are out-of-prints and I’m just lucky to find one, i mean two.(yey! hahaha)

Let’s go to the price:

The original price of these books were $ 5.50 and $ 7.99 respectively, however I bought the two with just $ 3.4 or 150 pesos. If your interested with my adventures, follow me now! 🙂

And If you don’t mind, please drop a comment. I need some motivation guys :3. Hahaha

note: If you’re a fan of Agatha Christie, you can find a lot of copies there. I wasn’t able to buy the books of Agatha Christie because I’m broke. 😦

Happy Hunting everyone!

Book No. 4 (Caffeine for the Creative Team) —

Book No. 4 (Caffeine for the Creative Team)

Caffeine for the creative team (150 Exercise to Inspire group innovation)


This is the last thing I ever wanted to do. But as a student, you can’t escape that kind of activity especially if you are in an engineering course where creative idea generation is really required. I find it really hard to generate ideas when I’m not in the mood. The thing that I usually do is that I drink coffee in order for my brain to work (and I find it really effective…like magic..hehe). However, not everyone wants to drink coffee or sometimes it’s annoying if I drink coffee too much because I can’t sleep when I want to. Well, thanks to this newly found book, and my problem is solved! This book is a collection of activities from successful creatives(people whose work is to generate ideas for other people) that boost creative thinking within groups to produce relevant and creative ideas. I find it useful because it is both informative and fun to do. I also like the design which inspires me more to create good designs.

I bought this book at BOOKSALE here in Davao at $ 2.72 or 120 pesos while the original price is $ 16.99 or 747.56 pesos. I saved $ 14.27 with this one 🙂

Follow me as I hunt for other books!

I’d appreciate if you could drop a comment. Thanks!

Book No. 3 ( Action Hero’s Handbook ) — June 10, 2015

Book No. 3 ( Action Hero’s Handbook )

The Action Hero’s Handbook


Have you ever wished of being a spy or any action hero you always wanted to be? We’ll I’ve found the manual. Oh yeah! For a shocking price of $ 2.27 or (100 Pesos) in the local thrift store here in Davao. The original price of this book is $ 14.95 or (657.8 Pesos). However, it took me almost an hour before I found this one. But if your desperate like me, surely you will find the book that you want.

This book is all about the how-to’s and step-by-step guide of becoming an action hero. If you’re interested in this book, grab a copy by purchasing it online or buying in thrift stores, just like me.

Happy Hunting fellow book lovers!

Book No. 2 (Coffee with Isaac Newton) —

Book No. 2 (Coffee with Isaac Newton)

Coffee with Isaac Newton (front cover)



Hello everyone! I got a new book, “Coffee with Isaac Newton by Michael White”. I bought this at a store here in Davao City which is called BOOKSALE. Unfortunately, after a few weeks they closed their store, I don’t know why but sh*t happens. 😦 Well, enough of that, the original price of this book is $ 9.95 (437.8 Pesos) but again I was able to buy it at a cheaper price, the vendor agreed a price of $ .90 or 40 Pesos.

I bought this book because as an engineering  student, I need to get inspired by the works and discoveries of Sir Isaac Newton because as we all know he is well recognized as one of the greatest minds of their time. And to be able to fully understand his theories, I need  to at least read his backgrounds, achievements and his experiences so that I could at least know how a man like Sir Isaac Newton thinks and apply it at a practical approach in my engineering field.

After reading this book, you will really agree to the saying that ‘Nobody’s perfect’. Isaac Newton may be one of the greatest minds of their time but he has also some bad sides. To fully understand what I’m saying you could simply buy a book in your local thrift store or if you’re that rich you can buy at Amazon or Ebay or to anywhere you want.

Happy Hunting!

What a Surprise! Document No. 1 —

What a Surprise! Document No. 1

National Enquirer, March 13,1960
National Enquirer, March 13, 1960 back page
National Enquirer, March 13, 1960
back page

When I got home yesterday, I was really excited about reading the books that I bought at the American Surplus(Book No. 1). The moment I opened the Jack, Knave and Fool by Bruce Alexander, a piece of paper fell off. When I picked it up, I was so intrigued to find out that it is a page of a newspaper. The most interesting part is that, it features how women survived or saved their womanhood at the Nazi Slave Camp way back years and years ago. I don’t know if it has some value or not but I’m just happy to have this piece of paper as part of my collected books and documents. And I was just amazed how this tiny, little piece of paper survived after travelling from the America to the Philippines considering the time it was published.

Well, I think yesterday was my lucky day! 🙂 Happy Hunting everyone.

Book No. 1 ( Mystery Books) — June 9, 2015

Book No. 1 ( Mystery Books)

Smuggler’s Moon by Bruce Alexander
Jack, Knave and Fool by Bruce Alexander

My first book hunting adventure 🙂 I found these books at American Surplus here in Davao City. I was still in high school when I bought them. Every day, before going home I usually go  to the American Surplus to find books and other interesting stuffs. I bought these books because I’m an avid fan of Sherlock Holmes , Hercule Poirot and other mystery books. These books originally costs around $ 47.9 or (2,107.6 Pesos), however I was able to buy them with just $ 2.27 or (100 Pesos). hehehe ;P Well, it’s a nice start.

thebookscouter’s Note —

thebookscouter’s Note

Every book is a friend. For me, they are actually my childhood friends. They grew up with me, they taught me a lot of things, they have shared a lot of stories, they made me laugh, sometimes they make me cry but the best part is, there is always a lesson at the end.

I can’t imagine my life without a book, it’s like walking somewhere without knowing where to go, or living in this world without a purpose. Books are really important to me, they served as my study buddies during the night before exam and my best friend during my vacant time. Looking for books in thrift shops, garage sales, bookstores and other possible sources has always been my hobby. I feel happy and excited every time I find interesting books especially rare ones. I do everything just to buy that book. Sometimes when I can’t buy that book that day, I usually hide it somewhere where other customers can’t find it so that I can go back the next day and buy it.

This blog serves as my journal as I live my life looking for books and do stuff with them such as earning money and learning other things. I hope you will enjoy reading my blog as I enjoyed creating it. Happy Hunting! 🙂