Coffee with Isaac Newton (front cover)



Hello everyone! I got a new book, “Coffee with Isaac Newton by Michael White”. I bought this at a store here in Davao City which is called BOOKSALE. Unfortunately, after a few weeks they closed their store, I don’t know why but sh*t happens. ūüė¶ Well, enough of that, the original price of this book is $ 9.95 (437.8 Pesos) but again I was able to buy it at a cheaper price, the vendor agreed a price of $ .90 or 40 Pesos.

I bought this book because as an engineering  student, I need to get inspired by the works and discoveries of Sir Isaac Newton because as we all know he is well recognized as one of the greatest minds of their time. And to be able to fully understand his theories, I need  to at least read his backgrounds, achievements and his experiences so that I could at least know how a man like Sir Isaac Newton thinks and apply it at a practical approach in my engineering field.

After reading this book, you will really agree to the saying that ‘Nobody’s perfect’. Isaac Newton may be one of the greatest minds of their time but he has also some bad sides. To fully understand what I’m saying you could simply buy a book in your local thrift store or if you’re that rich you can buy at Amazon or Ebay or to anywhere you want.

Happy Hunting!