Hey everyone! I found a new branch of BOOKSALE, it is located at the 2nd floor in a mall here in Davao. And I was surprised with the vast amount of books available but it has some disadvantages, it took me an hour to scout all their books and I found 2 books that interest me. Most of their books are old, some are out-of-prints and they don’t have hardbound copies.

Mossflower by Brian Jacques
Salamandastron by Brian Jacques

I enjoyed reading these books because of it’s cute talking animal characters. And all the things that they have done during the whole story. It’s hard to find these kind of books because they are out-of-prints and I’m just lucky to find one, i mean two.(yey! hahaha)

Let’s go to the price:

The original price of these books were $ 5.50 and $ 7.99 respectively, however I bought the two with just $ 3.4 or 150 pesos. If your interested with my adventures, follow me now! 🙂

And If you don’t mind, please drop a comment. I need some motivation guys :3. Hahaha

note: If you’re a fan of Agatha Christie, you can find a lot of copies there. I wasn’t able to buy the books of Agatha Christie because I’m broke. 😦

Happy Hunting everyone!