Every book is a friend. For me, they are actually my childhood friends. They grew up with me, they taught me a lot of things, they have shared a lot of stories, they made me laugh, sometimes they make me cry but the best part is, there is always a lesson at the end.

I can’t imagine my life without a book, it’s like walking somewhere without knowing where to go, or living in this world without a purpose. Books are really important to me, they served as my study buddies during the night before exam and my best friend during my vacant time. Looking for books in thrift shops, garage sales, bookstores and other possible sources has always been my hobby. I feel happy and excited every time I find interesting books especially rare ones. I do everything just to buy that book. Sometimes when I can’t buy that book that day, I usually hide it somewhere where other customers can’t find it so that I can go back the next day and buy it.

This blog serves as my journal as I live my life looking for books and do stuff with them such as earning money and learning other things. I hope you will enjoy reading my blog as I enjoyed creating it. Happy Hunting! 🙂