Caffeine for the creative team (150 Exercise to Inspire group innovation)


This is the last thing I ever wanted to do. But as a student, you can’t escape that kind of activity especially if you are in an engineering course where creative idea generation is really required. I find it really hard to generate ideas when I’m not in the mood. The thing that I usually do is that I drink coffee in order for my brain to work (and I find it really effective…like magic..hehe). However, not everyone wants to drink coffee or sometimes it’s annoying if I drink coffee too much because I can’t sleep when I want to. Well, thanks to this newly found book, and my problem is solved! This book is a collection of activities from successful creatives(people whose work is to generate ideas for other people) that boost creative thinking within groups to produce relevant and creative ideas. I find it useful because it is both informative and fun to do. I also like the design which inspires me more to create good designs.

I bought this book at BOOKSALE here in Davao at $ 2.72 or 120 pesos while the original price is $ 16.99 or 747.56 pesos. I saved $ 14.27 with this one 🙂

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