National Enquirer, March 13,1960
National Enquirer, March 13, 1960 back page
National Enquirer, March 13, 1960
back page

When I got home yesterday, I was really excited about reading the books that I bought at the American Surplus(Book No. 1). The moment I opened the Jack, Knave and Fool by Bruce Alexander, a piece of paper fell off. When I picked it up, I was so intrigued to find out that it is a page of a newspaper. The most interesting part is that, it features how women survived or saved their womanhood at the Nazi Slave Camp way back years and years ago. I don’t know if it has some value or not but I’m just happy to have this piece of paper as part of my collected books and documents. And I was just amazed how this tiny, little piece of paper survived after travelling from the America to the Philippines considering the time it was published.

Well, I think yesterday was my lucky day! 🙂 Happy Hunting everyone.